Friday, 19 November 2010

Wonky Donkey

For the Open Arts Shop in Worthing, I decided to design some Xmas cards that weren't too, well, Xmassy - I'm an atheist, so I went for Happy Holidays instead...with a donkey...the other ones have a penquin and a fox on them. I've just delivered my goods to the shop now and I really hope I sell at least one thing- we shall see. I've got to get back to proper work next week, designing more bedding etc. which is good, but not as much fun as doing this stuff! Ooh, the joys of being crafty.


  1. am like you a non believer but believe me i believe in treating others as i wish to be treated. repect. and respect to you to, love this little donkey design hope he ain't at all stubborn and flys out the shop...

  2. Heh! Thanks guys - think he's a bit too wonky for Worthing, but there you go :) good to hear from you both and hope your textile and arty endeavours are all going well xx



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