Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Here's Archibald! He's helping me get over a little bit of bother I got into with our local Tory MP...I won't go into it here, but suffice to say it was not pleasant and has left me a little upset. I'm a delicate flower at times.
I probably shouldn't start things I can't finish, but there you go and it's alright, Archibald might look a bit posh, but he's on my side. Thanks to my lovely friends too, especially you Nikkipea, for your great encouragement.
The best news is that Murdoch has stood down - hurrah! Some things really do go right sometimes...


  1. ahhh I'm glad that Archibald and I helped a bit! I do think that getting into bother with a tory MP would be a most unsettling situation for the best of us! You did very well xxx



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