Friday, 26 August 2011

Done it Myself!

It's been ages since I've had time to to post anything, due to a lovely project I've just finished working on. As always, I have to keep that work under wraps, so instead I thought I'd share what I did to a G-Plan dining table a few weeks ago.
We're slowly decorating the ramshackle Victorian house we bought two years ago and as we're doing most of the work ourselves it's currently going at a snail's pace. Having already achieved quite a lot, it's hard to keep up the motivation.
One thing that we put off for ages was turning this second-hand table (£20.00 with four G-plan chairs) into a coffee table. It took a while to get the courage up, as it was great as it was, but we're well chuffed with it now it's been cut down to size. Next, we plan to add the cut-off legs onto the two Ikea sofas you can see here and re-cover them, to finish off that end of the kitchen...maybe that'll be done by next year.


  1. Ooooh!! Jealous! and is that a bentwood chair I spy in the background!

  2. Hiya Liz!! you back a bloggin' and glad you liked it :) I'd never heard of a bentwood, but had a look and it might be - another chair I found in a skip, so that'd be lucky! see ya soonish me lovely xxxx

  3. this looks brill Michele! how cool! Nice to see a snapshot of your house too, looks fab! xxx



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