Thursday, 6 October 2011

Lilly + Sid

I thought I'd show you the latest A/W babywear collection (seasonal only, the classic collection is all theirs) for Lilly + Sid, which I worked on about a year ago now. Every season, I look forward to receiving their really inspiring brief, as it's always good to work on something that's commercial but also a little bit quirky!
For this collection, I designed the garments as well, which made it even more enjoyable and I can't wait to see the subsequent collections, as not only is it great to work on, but the production quality is always really good too.


  1. oh my LOVE THIS! I will have to check more of it out for my baby girl! p.s. love your cute etsy store!

    I stumbled upon your blog and thought I would say hello! I just started up a new blog that is all about COLOR.

    Come on over and become a follower to enter the upcoming giveaways!


  2. Your blog is fab! think I've got the hang of the followy thing now! see you soon, Naomi x

  3. these are gorgeous Michele! well done I didnt know of lilly and sid before, it's all so gorgeous! love me and we need to skype soon! xx



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