Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hereford New Year

A very Happy New Year to you all and I hope the festive times have been good to you? I've enjoyed over-eating and vegging out big time, as well as having a very long computer holiday, where I've tried to avoid my lap-top at all costs. I did check the internet on my phone a couple of times, but overall it's been a fairly computer-free Christmas. Loads of telly though!

We spent a lovely New Year thanks to our friends Gavin and Hayley and their two kids, at a beautiful Tudor house they invited us to in Hereford; eating, drinking and making merry! Hurrah! Ooh, and playing Pictionary, which I was rubbish at, but there you are a couple of pics from there on my lovely new Lumix camera from my lovely old man, Mark. I haven't got used to it yet, but I need to experiment more and hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon...

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