Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Noo Owls

Yup, more odd owls but these ones were mono-printed first and then touched up in Illustrator to add a bit of colour. I put them on Folksy a couple of weeks back, so you can see them there too and even by a print if you feel like it! By the way, f I don't get back on here before then, happy hols to everyone and hope you all have a fantastic time xx


  1. love the spontaneity and beautiful line quality of monoprinting and gotta say this feathered pair are rather groovy. happy seasonal lovelies to you and yours. x

  2. They're cool! Like it.

  3. Hi hun, they're great, love there expressions!
    Hope you have a great Christmas, see you next year!xxx

  4. Thanks guys! Happy Xmas times to you all too and a super lovely 2011, big love xx

  5. I love this owl illustration! The colors are wonderful. I really like the way you've drawn their feet and the little heart-shaped feathers on their chests.



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