Monday, 17 January 2011

Hiya, I've been a bit absent of late so I hope you've all eased into 2011 nicely! I've been working like crazy on babywear designs and more bedding, so although I haven't had any good quality blog time, it's all good, and I've managed to fit in a bit of crochet which I'll post on here once it's got some eyes!

Otherwise, I got a bit excited today when I found out that a project I worked on last year, as part of a team, for John Lewis has finally found it's way into their shops. The new brand is called Little Home and I got to work on all the more traditional themes, of which my favourite is this range, called Button Box, that has a vintage feel to the prints and quilts. I love the Robots and Rivets range too, which I can't take any credit for other than that I encouraged it's inclusion. It's always so weird to see your work come to production, as I think I've mentioned before, so I'm looking forward to seeing it all for real sometime soon.

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