Wednesday, 26 January 2011

What's on the end of your stick, Vic?!

As our studio space gets organised I'm getting around to doing things I've been putting off for ages. One of them is scanning in a load of old photos, magazine pull outs and postcards that when I was a young student in the early 90s I used to cover up the magnolia and woodchip of the many bedsits and house shares I lived in. At the time, the things I covered my walls with meant a lot, especially when I was abroad on my own. I think I've moved house over forty times in my life and for years these two have been with me everywhere - York, Brighton, Hungary, Lyons, Italy, London, Leicester and now back where they sort of started, in Worthing. Originally an article in The Face I think, the images are a bit dog-eared from all the blue tacking, but I still love them and the plan is to spruce them up and find a space for them in our new house.


  1. 'the dove from above'
    great images
    a blast from the past

  2. I've always had a HUGE soft spot for Bob.
    Great pics

  3. South coast massive! Found your blog, happy :)



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