Friday, 6 July 2012

Where's the sun?

I'm enjoying all the plants and wildlife flourishing in our garden after all this rain, but I've got my fingerscrossed it will stop for the weekend...yeah, like that's gonna work! I'm thinking of everyone up North too, as I know they'll be getting even more than us lot down South...hope it stops soon :)


  1. hey if it makes you
    feel any better
    its been raining
    alot here in spain too
    (and not only on the plain!)
    would love to feature you
    and your work/work space
    on my new blog; www.
    (btw linda of odd and old)
    hope you are interested...


  2. Hi there, and it's a shame that not even Spain is spared, but thanks, it does make me feel a bit better!
    I'm very happy to be featured, so thanks to you and Linda for thinking of I need to do anything? If not, just let me know when it's up. Have a good one
    xx Michele



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